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SmarTee GolfTee Worlds Number 1 Divot Repair Tee

Become a Distributor or Retailer of SmarTee Golf Tees

Golf Tees Galore, home of SmarTee Golf Tees, is committed to assisting our Retailers in promoting, marketing, and selling SmarTee Golf Tees.

Informative SmarTee Retail Display Box

  SmarTee golf tees are an "Impulse Buy" product

  2" x 6" x 4" Display Box designed for sales counters

  Creates opportunity for "Up Sales"

  Wholesale pricing set for 100% profit margins

  SmarTee Golf Tees can be personalized / branded

  So sensible it practically sells itself

SmarTee Retail Box

Conforms to USGA and R&A Rules

  PGA Titles won with the SmarTee Golf Tees

  High performance hybrid golf tee

  Frictionless design improves distance and accuracy

  Consistent golf tee placement by design

  USGA Member Tested, PGA Tour Approved

Other Benefits of Selling SmarTee Golf Tees

  Lowers greens maintenance costs.

  We will add your company, company's website, and address to our Retail Stores directory web page.

  Our marketing campaigns can help drive traffic to your retail store from our website, email campaigns, and newsletters.

SmarTee Retail